Hemostats & Sealants

In the life-saving and -sustaining moments that happen every day in operating theatres around the globe, clinicians trust our active hemostats to stop the bleeding and count on our sealants to close the wounds.

Image of FLOSEAL product in applicator

FLOSEAL Hemostatic Matrix

For more than 20 years, FLOSEAL Hemostatic Matrix has been shown to result in better clinical and hospital resource utilization outcomes.

Image of TISSEEL product in applicator

TISSEEL Fibrin Sealant

TISSEEL is trusted worldwide for proven hemostasis and sealing where standard surgical techniques appear insufficient.

Image of Hemopatch collagen pad

HEMOPATCH Sealing Hemostat

Surgeons rely on HEMOPATCH to control intraoperative bleeding and post-operative leakage.


PERCLOT Polysaccharide Hemostatic System

PERCLOT is a ready to use hemostat that addresses mild bleeding scenarios.1

Image of Coseal product in applicator

COSEAL Surgical Sealant

COSEAL is designed to provide a rapid intraoperative seal at the suture line and to maintain this protection during the critical postoperative period.


ARTISS Fibrin Sealant

ARTISS is custom-designed for tissue adherence in plastic, reconstructive, and burn surgery.